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This year I will be racing in the Ironman World Championships and supporting World Bike Relief (WBR) along the way. My goal is to raise $3,484, equaling 26 bikes - one for every mile I will run in the marathon portion of the race. I'm beyond grateful to have good health and the ability to qualify for this competitive event. After living in and experiencing South Africa, I'm also keenly aware of how fortunate I am. This is my way of giving back to those in need.


I had supported WBR in the past, but became a true advocate when I learned first hand what 'The Power of Bicycles' means to a recipient. While living in Johannesburg I had the pleasure of getting to know our landlord's caretaker, Nkululeko Ndlovu (known as Freedom). Freedom left Zimbabwe for South Africa in 1989 to build a more prosperous future for his family. Before my wife (Alissa) and I returned from our stay in South Africa, we helped him buy his bike. The impact of owning a bike, a luxury to me, has changed Freedom's life.


What the bicycle has done for Freedom:


1. Much needed means of transport. Previously if he needed to go somewhere he either had to walk or pay the high cost of a taxi to get there. Now he can go to far more places that were previously difficult for him to get to.


2. Freedom lives 20 kms from where he works. Previously he had to pay R50 ($5) per day for a taxi to get to work and back. This equates to almost one third of his daily wages. This high cost meant that he had far less money to send back to his family in Zimbabwe and for him to live on.


3. It has also proven good for his health as he feels fitter as a result of daily exercise.




World Bicycle Relief is currently working to provide 50,000 bicycles to students (70% girls), teachers and educational workers in rural Zambia and Zimbabwe. For $134 we can provide a World Bicycle Relief bicycle to a student in need. Please follow my progress over the next few months and if you are inclined, join me in changing a life. Your donation is much appreciated!



Every donation helps.