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Groundhog Day continues and I'm feeling strong - and hot. I'm writing this from the pain cave hot box sauna where it's a dry 90-95 degrees. What lies behind the curtain is me on a bike, on a trainer, with a heater. The idea is that the hours of torture will hopefully make the lava fields more tolerable!




Training totals the last three weeks were  929 miles, 66 hours, 4092 TSS points:


Swim: 22miles  9 hours

Bike: 772m 39 hours

Run: 135 18 hours


Which puts a sharp rise on the fitness level as shown below.


As always, I'm grateful for good health, an amazing wife, supportive friends and so much more. It's been a great journey full of joy and  'Hunger Games' style challenges. Training and racing for a bigger cause has added more meaning to the miles and I'm incredibly appreciative of every donation!





Every donation helps.